This Week at McAfee

On this page you will find Dr. Brett Younger’s. . .insightful. . . look at This Week at McAfee!

May 14: Dr. Younger gives a fond – and apologetic – farewell as we break for the summer.

April 27: Dr. Younger gives what would be his speech to the graduates, if he ever got invited.

April 14: Dr. Younger laments the loss of his friend Doc Hollingsworth from the McAfee faculty as he takes a pastorate at Second Ponce Baptist.

April 11: Dr. Younger talks admissions interviews as we gear up for our Preview Conference.

April 4: Dr. Younger talks Spring season baseball.

March 28: Dr. Younger extends an invitation to well known speakers in hopes they will grace our pulpit.

March 21: Dr. Younger forecasts the future of Mercer basketball based on his unique theology.

March 14: Dr. Younger takes us on an inside look at Dean Culpepper’s life.

March 5: Dr. Younger answers students’ burning questions about Lent.

February 6: Dr. Younger explores what it would mean for us to offer a virtual ministry track for our technological ministers.

January 30: Dr. Younger gives instructions for how to distinctly reflect our churches’ personalities through answering machine messages.

January 23: Dr. Younger talks to the Associate Dean, Dr. Karen Massey about McAfee’s diverse student body.

December 2: This week, Dr. R. Alan Culpepper, Dean of McAfee School of Theology, reads the birth narrative in Luke in preparation for the Christmas season.

November 24: Dr. Younger describes the Thanksgiving traditions among the McAfee faculty.

November 19: Dr. Younger discusses the . . . perils? of the McAfee School of Theology

November 12: Tune in as Dr. Younger shares the facts about learning, education, and retaining the facts.

November 5: Listen in on Brett Youn-I mean Dock Hollingsworth’s final lecture here at McAfee

October 28: Tune in as Dr. Younger gives you a detailed look at the overall McAfee Experience.

October 21: Listen carefully to Dr. Brett Younger’s immensely informative conversation with our Assistant to the Dean, Dr. Michelle Garber.

October 11: Dr. Younger takes you to the monthly Faculty Party..err…meeting in this most recent update of whats going on This Week @ McAfee

October 4: Tune in as Dr. Brett Younger offers important tips on how to approach a church search committee.

September 27:

Watch as Dr. Younger explains McAfee as a useful pathway to Liberal Church life.

September 20th: Observe as Dr. Younger discusses the rich Baptist Heritage of McAfee…as well as Baptist’s important connections in politics, and pop culture?

September 6th: Check out Dr. Younger’s discussion of his colleague Dr. Dave Garber’s groundbreaking research regarding Star Wars.

August 30th: Tune in as Dr. Younger discusses Dock Hollingsworth’s assignment to preach in Chapel.


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